We’ll make your Website a strength of your business

Each of our projects is a research. We analyze the tasks of your business, the habits, needs of users and create convenient services that are pleasant to interact with.

What do we do?

A turnkey website

A team of professionals will work on your website


Creating a unique and creative design for your website


Bright headlines and accurate texts will inspire the confidence of visitors.


Free site support for 3 months after project delivery

About us

Hi, we are from Ukraine!

We have been creating websites based on WordPress for over 8 years. And we have already managed to make more than 1000 sites, which include online stores, landing pages, blogs, portals, as well as sites on the Elementor constructor. 

You can order a WordPress site from us, which will have an admin panel that allows you to conveniently edit content on the site. And the site on the Elementor constructor will also allow you to add new blocks to the page.

What websites do we create?

Business card website

This is an excellent solution for small companies and private entrepreneurs who want to make their presence known on the Internet. The business card website gives your clients comprehensive information about you and your activities, and the most pleasant - does not require large financial investments!

landing page

Landing page

The landing page is necessary in case you urgently need to inform your clients about upcoming promotions, discounts or novelties. Its main task is to gather more unique visitors (lids) and get them to perform a target action on your website.

Online shop vector website template, web page and landing page design for website and mobile site development. Online store app, internet payment, delivery service concept.

Online shop

The purpose of the online shop is to sell goods or services via the Internet. The functionality of the site allows the user to choose a suitable model, add it to the basket and make an order. With this tool, your sales will go up, no doubt!


Corporate website

The multi-page is designed to inform clients of large organizations and companies. It is an effective tool for building customer confidence in your product or service.



Multi-page site, each page of which is a record (text, image or videos). The main purpose of the blog is to promote to attract the outside advertising and further earning opportunities.



This is a very complex and demanding project, which gives the user the opportunity to interact with the Internet service. It is a multifunctional platform that contains many references to third-party resources.

How do we work?

We are in contact with you

In the process of communication, we get acquainted and ask all the necessary questions which will help us to find the best solution for your task.


Wе build a TT

On the basis of the results of the communication, we draw up a detailed TT and conclude a contract in which the terms and conditions of cooperation are clearly specified.


We develop design

We create a prototype with the right logic and composition. On the basis of the prototype we draw creative design of the main and additional pages of the site.


We typeset

We typeset the pages of layout: Consider the markup, add styles, consider cross-browser, prescribe media inquiries



We develop the functionality of your website

We “animate” the site with scripts, animation and functionality. Do you need a calculator, a paralax, or a payment system? Great! We are ready to implement any idea you have!


Fill up with content

Captioning headlines, high-quality selling texts for single pages, excellent descriptions for online shops – this and many other things we are ready to offer you!


Наши клиенты

Мы работаем с такими известными и крупными компаниями, как:

Веб-студия UPRO Development гордится своими достижениями и ценит каждого клиента.
Более 100+ готовых проектов и отзывов благодарных клиентов – вот реальная картина нашей успешности!

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The cost of developing a site usualy is calculated individually and depends on the that specifics, the number of pages and other wishes. The cost of developing a landing page is from $300, a business card site from $600, a store from $1000

The price includes the development of the site according to your task, setting up all the necessary modules, installing the site on the customer’s hosting

As well as the cost calculation, the development time depends on the complexity of the project and other factors. If we are talking about a landing page or a small business card site, then you will receive a ready-made site in 1-2 weeks. In the case of an online store, the period is 3-4 weeks

All information, images and other content are editable from the site’s admin panel. You will also be able to create new pages, change menus, titles, meta tags, etc.

We use WordPress as our CMS (Content Management System). At the moment, this system is the most popular in the world due to its high reliability, functionality and ease of use.

We work with a 50% prepayment, payment can be made to a bank card, SWIFT transfer, using the payment systems Payoneer, Paypal, Paysend, etc. It is also possible to accept payments in cryptocurrency

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